dompet baru ^^

*setelah liat-liat sewing blog kok sepertinya in english semua ya? saya jadi kepingin mencoba. ini postingan saya yang pertama in english, jadi harap dimaklumi. bahasa inggris saya amburadul, jadi malu…*

finally i finished my 2nd handstitching project, a wallet. now i have a new wallet since my old one accidentally lost on the way to Tenjin 😦

i made this wallet by following this tutorial made by very purple person. it’s clear and easy to follow. but i was too lazy to topstitch some parts that supposed to be topstitched. but hey, it’s handstitching and sometimes handstitching could be so tiring (how i wish i could have a sewing machine right now). i was not patience enough to finish it immediately and see how it will look like.

i used two different fabrics (i don’t know what kind of fabric), pink with green flower (the thick one) for outer layer and pink for the lining (the light one). i used 2 buttons and elastic for the closure. it’s easy to sew and very cute :). i can’t stand to make another one!


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