pen case for my husband

this is what i made last night, a pen case for my husband. it’s my first quick and easy little project since we moved to our new home. last week was such a hectic week. being busy for moving and having no time for sewing really distressed me. so i started sewing again right after we had everything settled down….it was a relief 🙂

i made this pen case by following this tutorial by mai of mairuru. i used blue colored fabric for the outer and printed cotton fabric for the lining. i made an embroidery on one side of the outer layer using red sashiko thread and i also put some dots ribbon for the embelishment.

i’m so glad that my husband likes it ^^


5 thoughts on “pen case for my husband

  1. polanya asal nggambar aja, trus bikin jahitan ngikuti pola itu. pake semacem tusuk jelujur tapi tusukan pada kain bagian dalamnya dikit aja(lebih pendek dari tusukan di kain bagian luar yg mau diperlihatkan)

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