me time

last night i made a long sleeved shirt for myself. it took about 4 hours to finish it. the fastest one up to now πŸ˜€ (big thanks to my hubby for taking care of Dito while i was sewing). i used a pattern from a sewing book and made alterations of the original pattern. i lengthened the sleeves and made an opening at the front to make it easier for breastfeeding. i took size 7, the smallest one. i used beige knit fabric. the fabric is soft, lighter, and stretches more than the knit fabric i used for my hubby’s long sleeved shirt.

i’m pretty satisfied with the result and today i wear it with my previous “experimental” dress πŸ™‚

*photos will be uploaded soon
saya jadi gak bisa bikin penjelasan panjang lebar kalau coba-coba nulis pakai bahasa inggris 😦


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