flowery dress for a lovely girl :)

i have finished this dress a week ago, but i was too lazy to upload some pictures of it. i made this dress for Inggit, my lovely little sister. this dress is so simple and easy to sew. i love the cute little flowers printed on the fabric and i hope my sister love it too. i used S sized pattern and it still way too big for my petite sister, so i cut both side and sewed it again.

this book is suitable for beginner like me, full of cute and simple project, including pattern and step by step guide to sew

4 thoughts on “flowery dress for a lovely girl :)

  1. Cantiiik buu dress-nya, kapan2 coba buatlah yg panjang yah *tapi bikin boros kain siy klo panjang2 šŸ˜€ * ^ ^

  2. @okz : antre Ta…*sok sibuk :P*
    @eba-chan : iya, nanti kalo sempat hunting lagi dan pas ada diskon gede2an, beli kain yang lebih panjang šŸ™‚
    @didin : makasih didin :), itu bajunya dah terbang sampe jogja lho ^^

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