Which Domestic Goddess Are You?

Discover who you are ruled by, and learn how to bring out the domestic goddesses you scored low in.

Note: Scores are rounded to one decimal place and therefore may not total 100%

You scored 45.5%
Kuan Yin

*hmmm…am i?*

The domestic goddess of compassion and understanding, Kuan Yin is the necessary corrective to the busy and fast pace of everyday life. If you are ruled by Kuan Yin, you are introspective and spiritual by nature, focused on the essential things in life. You are the friend whom others turn to in times of turmoil and trouble. Simplicity is this goddess’ hallmark, and your decorating style is open and uncluttered. Clean, classic lines appeal to you — no ruffles or flounces. A single, beautiful object will give your eye a spot to linger, such as a tabletop fountain created in one of your favorite vases. Open up to this goddess’s influence by choosing natural fabrics — cottons and linens — over synthetics and sticking with a color palette of wood tones, black and white, and the occasional jewel tone, such as amethyst or emerald. Set aside a place for meditation in your home — it need only be a windowsill — and choose objects with personal resonance, such as a beautiful seashell, a perfect flower or a candle to decorate it. Appealing to your inner goddess will awaken your spirit. Sometimes your need for perfection gets in your way and your unhurried nature has you running late or missing deadlines entirely. Quiet by temperament and inclination, you sometimes miss some of the opportunities afforded by the outside world. Call on adventurous Artemis or romantic Aphrodite to bring a little spice into your life.

You scored 27.3%

* a gifted decorator and a fine gardener? oh, i hope so…it would be nice ^^*

The goddess of love whose domain is the bedroom and garden, Aphrodite is the ultimate romantic spirit. If you are ruled by Aphrodite, you are energetic and spontaneous, emotional and romantic, a gifted decorator and a fine gardener. Small details and pretty touches are one of Aphrodite’s trademarks — scented soaps in the bathroom or a bowl of dried rose petals in the bedroom will bring your inner goddess to the fore. Rich floral prints, the look of layer upon layer in window treatments, the most delicate of laces, and soft velvets can make any room in your house or apartment a place of love and romance. Feel free to experiment with rich sensual colors — the mossiest of greens, the deepest of pinks — to bring a different kind of depth to your surroundings. (Aphrodite isn’t shy about her wants.) Cut flowers or a small bowl filled with pebbles and a single daffodil bulb will bring the spirit of Aphrodite into the house, even in midwinter. Use candles, particularly scented ones, to let your inner Aphrodite free and follow your instincts. Keep in mind that your focus on love and romance might lead you to neglect some parts of your life that need tending. Take inspiration from Athena, and remember, being just a bit more organized will make your life that much easier.

You scored 9.1%

*only 9.1%? her influences are all that i need in my sewing n crafting journey!! ok, i’ll call for her spirit and try to tap into her powers*

The “weaver” and the most creative of the goddesses, Penelope inspires us to express our personalities and tastes by making things and trying new crafts. She is the part of us that loves working with a glue gun, buying a piece of fabric, stenciling borders on walls and refinishing furniture. If you are ruled by Penelope, you are skilled with your hands and get great satisfaction making things for yourself and others. You are open and free with your gifts and have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. To express this inner goddess, decorate with soft, restful colors — blues reminiscent of the skies and oceans, with a touch of green — and focus on the handmade or rescued piece — the homemade pillow, the updated flea market find. Penelope is unafraid to express her own tastes; don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas, new materials, new color combinations. To bring this goddess into your life, teach yourself a new skill or embark on a new project, such as making picture frames or starting a scrapbook. Be patient with yourself — there’s no particular rush to finish your project on a tight schedule. Sometimes, Penelope has us ignore our need for quiet; call on Kuan Yin to remind you of the simple pleasure of sitting alone, doing nothing. You may also become housebound if you’re not careful — working on something new — so invite the spirit of Hera in and explore the outside world a bit. Your special talents will be well appreciated.

You scored 9.1%

*i surely need more of her influences, i’d love to get everything well organized*

The domestic goddess of order, Athena is an organizer and an efficient perfectionist. If you are ruled by Athena, others often look to you for advice and guidance, particularly when it comes to decision making, and you are likely to be the leader of any group. You are a skilled, if formal, hostess, and you’re likely to set a color-coordinated table, with gleaming silver and crystal accents. Your traditional tastes give your home an easy, timeless elegance — you prefer whites and the palest of pinks, blues, and celadons — and you naturally gravitate to simple, classic design for both your living and dining rooms. Your inner goddess is a natural housekeeper; she loves the look of an orderly closet and organized drawers. The perfect flower arrangement in a beautiful vase will give you a great sense pleasure. To some, you may seem a bit set in your ways, and sometimes your inability to leave anything undone makes it hard for you to relax and unwind. Call on Artemis to free up some of your energy, or ask Hestia to remind you to just let go a bit. You don’t really need to polish the furniture today.

You scored 9.1%

*need her help to be a better multitasker :D*

The queen of the Greek goddess, the multitalented Hera is always on the run. If you are ruled by Hera, you are an assured multitasker who sees tending the home as just one part of a busy life. Decidedly down-to-earth, you’re likely to be involved in lots of different activities — anything from working, coaching a soccer team, tutoring or volunteering or pursuing your own interests — and your decorating style is practical and low-maintenance. Easy-to-mop floors, washable fabrics and sturdy furniture help simplify your life, as does the latest in kitchen equipment. You favor darker colors that don’t show wear and tear. Your favorite style of entertaining is a potluck dinner or a barbeque so that you can do what you like best: talking and listening to other people. Try a five-minute centerpiece to set a mood without a lot of fuss. Get in touch with your inner goddess by setting up a reading group or volunteering where you live. Sometimes, though, you spread yourself too thin and don’t give yourself enough of the downtime you need and deserve. In moments like these, call on Kuan Yin for a bit of introspection or take a hint from Athena and do just one thing at a time.

You scored 0%

*so, there’s none of Hestia’s influence in me? oh, come on! uhm….well, let’s see…kitchen isn’t my fav place, i’m not good in cooking although i really enjoy good food, i’m kinda selfish person n i don’t love being surrounded by people. MAYBE i need to become more like Hestia :D*

The goddess of the hearth, Hestia is the ultimate Earth mother — kind, open, and nurturing. If you are ruled by Hestia, your home is your castle, and cooking your greatest talent and pleasure. You love being surrounded by people and, more importantly, taking care of them; your favorite place is the kitchen, redolent with the smells of food baking or a stew simmering. Comfort is all-important — your home is warm and cozy with furniture you can sink into — and you favor clothes with an easy-to-wear, easy-to-take-care-of style. To bring out your inner goddess, decorate with small homey touches — crochet an afghan or needlepoint a pillow, make a pretty wreath for the doorway, or begin a collection of whimsical china animals — and stick with a warm color palette, lots of earth tones, russets and oranges. Easygoing Hestia would rather spend her time starting seeds from scratch than polishing furniture, and every room in her house has a nice, relaxed feel to it. Sometimes, though, you forget that the world is worth exploring, and you need to call on Artemis to awaken your sense of adventure. Make sure, too, that you don’t ignore romance in your life (you need it, after all); call on Aphrodite to open yourself up to passion and pleasure.

You scored 0%

*i got NO Artemis’ spirit in me :D, should i call her spirit that might be laying down deep inside of me?*

Ruler of the wilderness, Artemis is the free spirit of the domestic goddesses.
If you are ruled by Artemis, you are unconventional and secure in your own likes and dislikes
. You are your own interior decorator, a collector, eclectic in your tastes. Those mix-and-matched plates and napkins you’ve been using forever reflect your individuality perfectly. Bright colors (think pinks and greens) in patterns and stripes appeal to your inner goddess. Your favorite room is apt to be lightest, brightest room with the largest windows — no fussy curtains for you, just bright sunlight, the perfect place for a spur-of-the moment gathering. Trust your own individual flair — remember, you had animal prints before they were in — and let your spontaneity shine. Maintaining any easygoing approach to housekeeping and sharing your home with plants and animals appeal to Artemis’ love of the energy of the outdoors. Even if you live in a small apartment, let the Artemis in you blossom with a small container herb garden to awaken your senses. You may sometimes put other, more conventional types off with your individual style. And you may also find it hard to sustain a committed relationship because you are attracted to so many different types of people. Take inspiration from Hestia to calm your Artemis side down and become more grounded. Or listen to Kuan Yin to let a different kind of energy into your life.

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