happy summer sewing : hoodie top

fresh from my sewing room : a hoodie top i’ve just finished a moment ago, yayyy…^^
i made this top using the same pattern with this one for kadek in the same size (L/11) which suits my 23 weeks baby bump well 😉
this time i put a lining on the hoodie to make it firm and nice. i had some difficulties working with this plaid fabric -you know, how to make the pattern match nicely- and i made mistake by cutting the fabric in a wrong way, so i had to gather two different pieces -again with matching the pattern thingy- for the front part instead of using only one piece. but in the end i’m pretty satisfied with the result. even Dito said “kawaiiii….” when he saw me trying this hoodie top. hahahaha……:))
soon i’ll make another one, i’ve prepared the same plaid fabric in orange color and hope not making the same mistake for the next.


hoodie top
madras plaid fabric
size L/11
bust max 110cm
length 55cm
lined hoodie
tuck at the front and back side
2 pockets at the front


8 thoughts on “happy summer sewing : hoodie top

    • Saya bikinnya nyontek pola yang udah ada di buku pola Mbak. sebenernya bagian badan dan tutup kepalanya itu dari 2 pola yang berbeda. bagian badan kuambil dari pola onepiece di buku sewing recipe, bagian tutup kepalanya kuambil dari salah satu buku pola untuk jaket, aku modifikasi polanya di bagian leher biar match 🙂 pertamanya iseng, coba-coba, ternyata jadi hehehe…

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